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The Mandalorian

If you didn’t subscribe to Disney+ just for this series, you wont regret doing it now that the second season of this Emmy nonimated series comes back to our screens.

Icewind Dale

The latest Dungeons and Dragons adventure module, set in the norther extremes of Faerun. With the new territory we get new foes and monsters, can’t wait to give it run.

TENET: Movie Review

To say Cristopher Nolan has a thing for time travel and science fiction, is probably the biggest understatement that could possibly be made. I am a big fan of his sci-fi creations and his Batman movies too, that's probably when I paid real attention to his work. His...

The Witcher: The Last Wish

I was introduced to The Witcher via video games, the original BioWare game was released by Atari back in 2007. I ignored it back then as I was knee deep in the all consuming World of Warcraft. The games was back in the limelight with the release of The Witcher 3 in...